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It's All about people...

…And what we’ve learned from decades of experience understanding people and company needs. We’ve discovered that while people expect professional, expert service from their workforce solutions providers, they really appreciate a partner who is friendly and open – someone they can be honest with and can trust to always keep their best interests in mind. Our corporate office is centrally located in Ohio, and we serve nationwide. Best of all, whether you are an employer or a job seeker, you will always have a single point of contact when you use our truck driver and professional staffing and recruiting services.
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Employers Count on Our Flexibility

We keep up with local hiring trends, customize our hiring processes to your specific needs, and quickly adapt to changing demands. Pace has the unique ability to move rapidly while never sacrificing quality. Best of all, our thorough and efficient screening process keeps job seekers engaged every step along the way. Nothing is worse than losing a top candidate to a competitor because of a sluggish hiring process!

Pace Takes the Pain out of finding a job

In today’s market, many fields have tons of opportunities. That doesn’t make finding the right job any easier. It can be tough to know if a job will be what you expect. What will your manager be like? Is there long-term potential? Will this company feel like the right fit? With Pace professional and truck driver employment services, you’ll have an inside track. We have long-standing relationships with employers throughout the country. We know what they’re looking for – and what they are like to work for, and we’re happy to share that information with you. If something we share makes you reconsider an opportunity, that’s fine! The wrong fit is no good for anyone.
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Pace is driven to service customer employment needs with a sense of empathy and urgency.

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