PACE provides customized talent acquisition solutions that are crafted to suit the specific needs of your company.

A seamless hiring experience

Imagine an agile, efficient hiring process tailored to your unique needs. At PACE, we specialize in transforming your recruitment journey into a seamless hiring experience, saving you time, resources, and stress. Our streamlined approach ensures quicker decision-making, reduced drop-off rates, and a consistent, positive candidate experience. We’re dedicated to paving the way for long-term success.

With PACE, you’ll benefit from deep industry expertise. Our commitment to understanding your company’s culture and requirements ensures we present candidates with the necessary skills and alignment with your values. Whether you need CDL drivers, non-CDL drivers, local or long-haul experts, or specialized operators, our tailored staffing services ensures the right fit every time. Additionally, our dedication to transparency means clients receive clear driver DOT files, providing the confidence and insights you need throughout the hiring process. But we don’t stop at hiring.

PACE is committed to ongoing driver retention. Nurturing relationships with clients and candidates, we create a win-win scenario, enhancing job satisfaction and reducing turnover. Join PACE and revolutionize your truck driver recruitment. Let us drive your success while you focus on delivering excellence and reliability to your clients, powered by a skilled and dedicated team of truck drivers.

Pace Can Help You Address Your Toughest Hiring Issues:

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Reliable Partners

At PACE, we stand as your unwavering recruiting partner, distinguished by a foundation of trust. Our unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency sets us apart, ensuring that every interaction with us is rooted in integrity. Beyond just transactions, we prioritize the nurturing of lasting relationships, valuing human connections that fuel successful collaborations. With us, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued partner on a journey towards achieving your staffing goals. Rest assured, we don’t simply throw darts against the wall to see what sticks – every step we take is guided by a strategic and thoughtful approach that aligns with your unique needs.

What's Your PACE?

Experience the PACE Difference through the Words of Our Clients: Discover PACE’s Diverse Staffing Solutions: Choose from Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and Hybrid Options. Our range of staffing services offers flexibility tailored to your specific needs. Whether you seek short-term expertise, a potential permanent addition, or a unique hybrid solution, PACE is your partner in navigating the evolving landscape of workforce needs. Now, hear how PACE has transformed businesses through seamless staffing solutions.

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Staffing Services

Contract Staffing Services

Pace gives you the flexibility to ramp up your workforce on demand to meet production deadlines, get products delivered on time, or address talent shortages.

Contract-To-Hire Staffing Services

Contract-to-hire staffing reduces your risk of making a bad hire. You get to evaluate a candidate on the job firsthand before you extend an offer. Check out their skills, work ethic, and fit.

Direct Hire Recruiting Services
Streamline your search for top talent. Our proven sourcing and screening process, industry expertise, and recruiting experience drive consistent results. We do the legwork; you choose from only the best candidates we identify.

Recruitment Process

The First Step in A Seamless Hiring Experience with PACE

Step 1

Talent Strategy Meeting

Discussion of the position requirements including qualifications and timeline.
The Second Step in A Seamless Hiring Experience with PACE

Step 2

Screening And Sourcing

The recruiter manages the process, including advertising the position, reviewing resumes, and screening prospects to develop a shortlist of candidates.
The Third Step in A Seamless Hiring Experience with PACE

Step 3

Submission Process

Candidate profiles are sent to a client for review and selection.
The Fourth Step in A Seamless Hiring Experience with PACE

Step 4

Client Interview

The recruiter schedules an interview at the convenience of the client and candidate.
The Fifth Step in A Seamless Hiring Experience with PACE

Step 5

Offer And Onboarding Process

The account manager coordinates the offer and acceptance process and streamlines onboarding.


Pace Drivers

Focused on supplying CDL and non-CDL truck drivers to employers nationwide.

Pace Personnel

Providing industrial, skilled trades, administrative, and professional talent to businesses from our Ohio office.

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