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Direct Hire

Direct hire positions are permanent, full-time positions at the client company. A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes Pace Drivers to find the candidate, and then the client company hires them directly. A candidate offered a direct hire position is not an employee of Pace Drivers and goes directly on the client company's payroll.


There are positions where the client company would like a full-time employee, but does not want to commit to a permanent offer upfront. During the contract-to-hire period, the employee is considered working for Pace Drivers and is paid by us. Clients seeking contract-to-hire candidates are sincere in their desire to hire a full-time position.

Contract Employees

These are positions ranging from one day to full-time work for up to a year. It is important to know that there is no promise of the position turning into a permanent position with benefits. Often though, contract positions are extended past the original end date. And contract positions can turn into contract-to-hire positions or open up the door to a full-time permanent job. A contract employee is generally considered an employee of Pace Drivers and paid by us.

Currently Employed

We treat your search and consideration of the opening we represent with the strictest of confidence. We put ourselves in your shoes, respecting your job search and career goals. If the position doesn't make sense for you from a career perspective, we will let you know.

Actively Seeking Driving Position

We respect your time and promise that if we don't have an opening that fits what you're looking for, we won't make you come in for an interview immediately. If we do have a position that may be a fit for what you're looking for, we will tell you about it over the phone to make sure you're spending your job search time wisely.

Seeking Entry-Level Position

As long as you've been a reliable worker in the past, care about company success, and work hard, we will find you something that fits your skills so you can begin your career on the right foot and at your pace.




Driver Files and Process Includes

Pace Drivers is the solution for many short and long-haul placement and recruiting needs. We maintain DOT compliance, and never sacrifice the quality steps necessary. We understand the challenges of recruiting qualified and motivated drivers, competent drivers are a key cog to maintaining and improving CSA scores.  We can help expand or spearhead your truck driver recruitment effort. 

  • 10-year Employee Driver Application

  • Employment Verification over past 3 years

  • SDILS - Report of all Licenses

  • MVR from Every State Licensed


  • National Background Check

  • Ins Required Background check reports (coming from client)

  • Pre-employment DOT drug screen

  • 7-day statement of availability of work




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